With another year down in the books and the next year almost here, it’s time to set aside some time to reflect on the events of this past year and to start planning out what you’d like to change or accomplish in 2017. To make this next year satisfying, here’s a few key ways to go about setting New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Get Involved

Jumping in and giving back to your community is a great way to get involved and feel a part of something larger. At Hope Women’s Center, our volunteers are the absolute heart and soul of our ministry and we couldn’t accomplish all of the great work we do without their steady dedication. If you are looking to get involved, come be a part of our life transforming experience. We have opportunities available to serve daily, weekly, monthly, or just for special projects. Get in touch, let us know your gifts and talents and we’d love to engage you with our mission to serve vulnerable women and teens facing difficult life situations.

  1. Take Time for You

Instead of jam packing your schedule, be sure to set aside self-nurturing time to reflect on the happenings around you. This is a great practice to foster appreciation, positivity, and an excellent way to boost the acknowledgement of your self-worth. Whether you set aside time to take a short daily walk, lie down and close your eyes, or just look in the mirror and repeat positive affirmations, carve out you time in 2017!

3. If You Can, Donate

If you can make a financial contribution to a cause you care about, do so. At Hope, even $10 will provide diapers to a baby in need for five days. A small gift of $25 will provide a pregnancy test to a woman in crisis and one hour of mentoring. The list goes on. For a complete breakdown of your potential gift and the impact it makes. Visit our website: http://hopewomenscenterorg.ipage.com/2014design/?page_id=988

Let’s ring in the New Year together and help make 2017 better for everyone around us!