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Helping Women & Families Thrive

Creating a healing environment.

Hope Women’s Center is committed to seeing women and families thrive. We are a faith based, trauma informed care center serving women and teen girls facing any difficult life situation. Whatever the adversity — addiction, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, unplanned pregnancy, feeling overwhelmed by parenting, unemployment, loss of confidence or support system, human trafficking, family conflict or change, children in the foster care system, homelessness, or healing past trauma — Hope’s holistic approach helps engage, encourage, and equip women in all stages of life.

We do this through a multitude of FREE, confidential services and programs which include:

• 1:1 Mentoring and Support Groups
• Parenting classes
• Life Skills and Faith Based Education Classes
• Grief Support
• Celebrate Recovery & substance use disorder prevention
• Rise Above Abuse and Anger Management Classes
• Classes for birth moms with children in Foster Care or at risk of DCS removal
• Pregnancy Testing and Prenatal Classes
• ROSES Program for Pregnant Moms & Moms of Newborns (reducing Postpartum Depression)
• Specialized Maternal Mental Health support
• Childcare (0-5) for mothers attending Hope programs*
• Hope Heals - Counseling & Support
• Hope at Work - Job Skills Classes/Training
• Every Mother's Advocate program for moms in crisis
• Points earned for programs can be used for Material Assistance such as utilities**, transportation, food, clothing, personal care items, household items, and baby/child products

*staff availability permitting
**based on available funds

Client J

“This program helped give me hope! I have made positive changes in my life and am working on re-unifying with my children.”

Client R

“This program helped give me hope during a heartbreaking time. My mentor was by my side through everything and helped me get organized and more knowledgeable about each phase of my DCS case.”

We Partner with Trusted Programs

Creating a healing environment.

The staff of Foster Care Initiatives partners with us in our Hope Initiative for Healthy Families program assisting with case management and advocacy for birth moms whose children are in foster care or are at risk of Department of Child Safety (DCS) intervention.

The staff of Women's Health Innovations partners with us in our Mom's Support Group, ROSES program, and Postpartum services.

The staff of Hustle Phoenix partners with us in our Hope @ Work program to teach entrepreneurial skills to our clients.

These are just a few of our trusted partners!


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