Lights twinkle on the tree. Gifts wrapped with shiny bows. Christmas carols echo throughout the house. Many of us dream of our Christmas season with our family and friends to be one of warmth, love and holiday cheer. For some, the biggest decision they make is what sweater to buy for their mom or what side dish to bring to their work Christmas party. Yet for others, this holiday season creates more worry and stress. The struggle to keep the lights on and the rent paid is deeply felt. 

Client L

Hope women's center mother and childClient L came to Hope after fleeing a domestic violence situation. She was a single mom of a young daughter who experienced her world collapsing before her eyes. She had no vehicle, no place to live, and a part time job that didn’t make ends meet. Fortunately, she was able to receive some help from a family member to move into an apartment and then someone told her about Hope Women’s Center

Client L was able to connect to one of our Centers for emergency resources and heard about the Every Mother’s Advocate (ĒMA) program that provides extra support to moms in crisis. She signed up immediately and began meeting with her advocate weekly. Throughout her time in the ĒMA program, she was able to obtain a vehicle and received a raise at her job! Her income grew by 100% by the time she finished the ĒMA program in 10 short weeks! She is now thriving and says “the ĒMA program has completely changed my life! I wish more moms that were struggling like me knew they could come here to find help and hope!”

May You Find Hope

We all hope for something. It may be a warm bed, a new job or the ability to provide for our children. At Hope Women’s Center, we are thankful for every one of our clients. It is a privilege to walk alongside her and give her hope for the future. As we celebrate this Christmas season with friends and family, we want to thank you for your continued support. Your partnership helps us serve more women and children in our communities. May you find hope this Christmas and New Year.