Your First Visit!

Trying something new may be intimidating. Hope Women's Center is here to help ease your mind by providing a safe place from the moment you step foot into our doors. Here are 5 things to expect on your first visit.

5 Things to Expect on Your First Visit to Hope Women’s Center

1. You will feel safe.

You are in a safe place when you enter any of our 5 centers, which is why we keep our doors locked. But we assure you, we’ll open the door for you and welcome you in!

2. You will be supported and heard.

We don’t tell you what you need - you tell us. We’ll listen and do our best to connect you with available resources. If being heard is new for you, we think you’ll like the feeling. You may even end up joining one of our support groups or scheduling a session with a mentor!

3. You will feel valued and accepted.

Come as you are. We’ll love you for you and encourage you in becoming your best you. All we ask is you do the same in return.

4. You will enjoy free services.

Thanks to community partners, grants, and volunteers, all of our services, classes, and programs are free.

5. You will be required to fill out a simple intake form.

We need to know a few things about you and what brought you to Hope, but we promise, the questions are easy to answer and won’t take more than 5 minutes. If needed, we’ll gladly help. You don't need to worry about bringing anything with you!

We look forward to meeting you!