AZ Tax Credit

“Take the Credit” for helping change lives!

Donate Today and “Take the Credit” for Changing Lives!

Arizona law provides a credit for cash contributions made to qualifying charities that provide help to the working poor.  The amount of this credit is $421 for single taxpayers or heads of household. For married taxpayers, the maximum credit is $841.  You can give to this tax credit as well as to those related to foster care and education!

In order to take advantage of this opportunity to direct your tax dollars you must:

  • Give up to $841 ($421 if single/head of household) to a qualifying 501 (c) (3) organization of your choice. Hope Women’s Center is a qualifying organization. You can donate online here OR mail a check to our Headquarters at Hope Women's Center, 1640 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix 85006.
  • Keep a written receipt of your gift for tax records. (You no longer need to itemize). Use code 20256 when submitting your tax credit.
  • A credit is possible only if you have an Arizona tax obligation and the credit claimed is less than your Arizona tax obligation.
  • Donations can be postmarked on or before April 15th for the previous tax year!

See below for how YOUR tax dollars can help women and teen girls in our community!