The Stress of a New Year

The beginning of the new year can be exciting. For some, it is a fresh start full of new hopes and possibilities. For others, the new year can feel overwhelming. Finances, relationships and multiple losses can put a heavy burden on a woman’s heart. Many of our Hope clients struggle to make ends meet and to trust that someone will be there to help. Chronic stress weighs her down and makes it more difficult for her to see a way out. What can she do? Who will help her? At Hope Women’s Center, we want her to know that she is seen, loved and supported. 


Feeling Hopeless

Hope women's center mother and childE had been struggling to make ends meet and was nervous she would not have enough money for rent. When she finally earned enough money for her rent, her car broke down. She was torn between putting the money toward her car or paying her rent. She took her car to the mechanic and he asked her, “Do you have anywhere you can go while I fix your car?”  E said,  “I can call an Uber, but I wouldn’t have any money to pay for it.” So the mechanic told her, “I will pay for your Uber. Where would you like to go?” E thought of Hope Women’s Center!  She had only been to Hope one time but remembered that she and her daughter both felt welcomed and safe. The Uber drove her to Hope and, without knowing what classes we had available that day, she came in and attended a class called Women of Faith. She learned about the story of Ruth and Naomi and how Naomi had lost her husband and two children. E said, “I felt stupid to pray! I felt like God wouldn’t help me but the study reminded me that God doesn’t leave me and He will carry me through.” E left Hope Women’s Center that day with a renewed sense of hope and strength. She found incredible joy from being seen and cared for in her struggles.


Finding Hope

When finances, car troubles and difficult life situations take over, we can feel hopeless. What seemed like a horrible situation, God turned it into a day of hope. Sometimes the worst day can end up being the most rewarding day. 


Your partnership with Hope Women’s Center allows women and teen girls to get the help and support they need no matter what circumstances they face. As we enter into this new year of 2024, we are grateful for all of our community partners.