What exactly is a holistic approach? We reference our holistic approach frequently, but what does it mean to a woman in crisis? It means her physical need will be met with food or diapers. It means her emotional needs will be met with support groups or mentoring. It means her mental health needs will be met with crisis counseling or maternal mental health coaching and her spiritual needs will be met with Bible studies. Recently, with the acquisition of our sixth center in Camp Verde, we ventured into meeting the housing needs of pregnant women, evidence Hope is committed to going deeper with women in crisis.

In light of this commitment and the economic impact of COVID, we recognized the practical, job-related needs of our women. We began developing ‘Hope at Work’, a program focused on job skills training. Sure, we could connect women with jobs, but imagine the long-term possibilities of connecting a woman with skilled work, with a career that would utilize her strengths and God-given talents.

H, a college student, recently volunteered at one of our centers as part of her school project. She was deeply passionate about the mission of Hope. One day, she shared the reason for her passion – it was the story of her mother. H and her sister grew up in Mexico, in the shadow of domestic violence. When H was in high school, her mother decided to escape the abuse. She took her girls and fled to the U.S. That’s where her mother found Hope.

Hope connected H’s mother with housing. She continued taking classes at Hope and became fluent in English. H’s mother now holds a degree and is self-sufficient. She’s looking for a job in social work, so she can help other women persevere through crisis and thrive.

How’s that for a powerful story?! We love it, too. Helping women tap into their true potential is part of our mission to equip women and encourage them in using their strengths and talents. Our women are tenacious and we celebrate their hard work and transformation.

We invite you to celebrate with us by attending our Night of Hope fundraising gala on September 18th at 6 pm! Our stunning location is the Phoenix Art Museum, and since last year’s gala was postponed, we have ALL THE THINGS planned (dinner, silent auction, live auction, and local female group, Urban Electra!). Purchase a table in your company’s name for marketing opportunities and let the community know you care about the needs of women in crisis. Or come as a small group, as a couple – come on your own. We’d love to see YOU there! Individual tickets are $125. Tables and tickets can be purchased at https://hopewomenscenter.org/news-events/events/.