Your Impact

What you give, makes a difference!


Supported by Individuals

We are supported by individuals, organizations, businesses, and churches.

Your contribution could make a difference in someone's life in the following ways:

  • $10: diapers for a baby for 5 days
  • $25: pregnancy test to a woman in crisis and one hour of mentoring
  • $60: one month of utility assistance for a woman needing electricity
  • $100: 4 parenting classes and 1 trip to our women’s resource room
  • $500: new curriculum for our programs and support groups
  • $1,000: spiritual instruction for 24 children visiting our children’s program
  • $5,000: outreach services for women and teens who at risk of sex trafficking
  • $10,000: parenting services and in-home coaching support for women and teens
  • $25,000: one month of all education classes, mentoring, resource, and referrals for every teen or woman visiting all 3 centers
  • $50,000: centers filled to capacity operation to double the number of women we serve
  • $75,000: Renovations for our Maricopa and Coolidge Centers

We're Ready to Serve

We seek to build trusting relationships with our clients through ongoing mentoring and support groups, through participation in our Education Program and through other community outreach events.