Sunflowers are growing at one of our centers, so clients in the gardening class placed a few in a vase and displayed them in the kitchen. The vibrant yellow contrasts the fog of pandemic and racial tension. The beauty warms the distance between women who long to hug each other again. As we patiently wait for familiar comforts and joys, the wonders of creation proclaim the faithfulness of a good God. In the midst of our confusion and concern, God is with us. He is our Hope.


After her first week of Celebrate Recovery, S had an ‘aha’ moment. “I REALLY needed to hear today’s lesson. I get caught up trying to convince everyone I’m fine and everything is okay. I forget I can’t do it all alone. I don’t use substances, so I didn’t think a recovery class was something I needed, but I’m realizing I need mental recovery from some things. I’m thankful for a place where I can work on that.”

We’re thankful, too. We’re thankful our doors have remained open to women in crisis. We’re thankful to distribute bag lunches and food boxes to hungry women and families suffering job loss. We’re thankful to provide phone mentoring, email check-ins, and virtual classes (three services we didn’t foresee at the beginning of 2020!) to health-impaired women who must stay home. We’re thankful for opportunities to brighten the lives of our women. Every service at Hope says, “You don’t have to do it alone.”