We all face some sort of obstacle in our lives –  it may be depression, sickness, grief, anger, fear, resentment or self doubt.  As women, we want to fix everything, and fix it ourselves!  Do you ever worry that what you are feeling is too big for God?  Do you ever think that what you are feeling is too big to share with someone?  Do you fear that the shame and guilt is to too much and that no one will understand? That you are the only one to feel the way you feel?  These are a few question the ladies are facing when they walk though our front door.  Many times We we begin to look at things of this world to help us escape what we are feeling. But at the end nothing has changed!  Then we start asking questions like, where is real relief found?  How do I find the strength to carry on?  Why did this happen to me? And what’s next?  At Hope Women’s Center you are not alone!  Through our classes and mentoring sessions we will help you answer these questions and many more!  As believers we are called to walk alongside each other in our pain. In Romans 12:15 tells us to rejoice with those who rejoice and to mourn with those who mourn.


Isn’t it encouraging that God accepts us just at we are!  In all of our mess!  Therefore receive one another, just as Christ also received us, to the glory of God. Romans 15:7.  


Client M is 39 and had a stroke a year ago.  We have seen the Lord work miracles in her life!  When she returned to the center after her stroke she was unable to use her left arm and could barely talk.  Client M has such determination and I admire her faith that she will be completely healed!  She stated that with her physical therapy and the encouragement at Hope Women’s Center she is making strides in her journey.  I remember sitting in a mentoring session with her as she was crying and trying to talk.  She kept saying why, why did this happen to me?  Client M is a single parent and she was so worried that she couldn’t take care of her children – “I should be taking care of them, not them taking care of me.”


Client M is doing such an amazing job and it’s wonderful to hear how she praises the Lord for her healing!  She is now walking and talking so much better and the use of her left arm is coming along.  Through one of our church partners she now has a four wheel roller walker that enables her to go grocery shopping, and do things with her family.  Please pray for the strength in her left arm and for her short term memory.


If you feel alone or need someone to walk beside you, please contact us!   You can find out more about our Centers by visiting www.Hopewomenscenter.org.