When a woman is experiencing unintended pregnancy, how do we at Hope Women’s Center tell her she is cared for and supported? More often than not, we show her – in a variety of ways.


1. We prove our ability to walk alongside her every step of the way by providing services and programs that support her in every stage of pregnancy and parenting.

2. We design holistic services and programs, taking into consideration the physical needs of a woman, as well as her emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.

3. We extend every woman grace and a listening ear, because crisis is hard and a little grace and kindness go a long way.


Hope womens center pregnancyM, a pregnant mom, came in one month from her due date. With motherhood nearing, her anxiety was heightening. “I don’t have much for the baby, I’m scared about labor, and I’m completely on my own,” said M. The Center Manager got M signed up for labor and delivery classes, and within a few weeks, M had enough points to get the things she needed for the baby. “I feel like I’m finally prepared, and knowing Hope is here, I feel a lot less alone in this process,” said M. “As soon as I recover, I’m coming back for parenting classes!”


D, another expectant mom, came in for maternity clothes. A box of maternity outfits had just been donated the day before, and wouldn’t you know, they were the exact size D needed. “I literally have two outfits to wear. I’m so happy for the helpful things I can get here in the Boutique!”


A donor contacted one of our centers to say she had a baby crib, new in the box, if a mom was in need. Z  came in for a pregnancy test the next day. It was positive. “My husband and I divorced last year,” said Z. “My two kids are in high school, so I gave away all my baby things long ago. Being a single mom, I’m overwhelmed thinking about juggling a job, teenagers, bills, and now, a baby.” The volunteer sitting with Z listened to her and explained how she could take classes and earn points for the things she needed. As she was about to go, the Center Manager asked Z if she needed a crib. Z was speechless. “I’ve been coming here long enough to know you wouldn’t judge me about this pregnancy. That’s a relief in itself, but knowing you’ll do all you can to help me make this pregnancy work is such a big deal to me. It feels hopeful.”

May is Mental Health month and Maternal Mental Health month. Hope is actively involved in addressing these health issues with programs, services, and partnerships that focus on emotional, mental, and maternal mental health, because motherhood has physical demands, but it certainly demands much of the mind and emotions, too. A woman who understands and cares for herself as a whole person is a healthier woman and a happier mom – outcomes enjoyed by the woman, her children, and her family.