The month of November is a time to be thankful. We celebrate Thanksgiving and dedicate an entire day to giving thanks. For some, this season comes with many hardships, heartaches and broken relationships. At Hope Women’s Center, our clients are working through loss, grief, domestic violence, anger, anxiety, family conflict and many other difficult life situations. Thankfulness is not always within their grasp but when they share with us,  we celebrate with them.

Client C’s Story:

Women of Hope Women's Center being thankfulClient C came into our center and she was crying. She wanted to talk with one of our mentors and share her story. She said, “My tears are not sad tears but happy tears!” Client C wiped away her tears and happily shared, “My daughter, ex-husband and myself were able to reconcile our relationship after 20 years of turmoil! I learned how to forgive, parent my children, (especially my adult children), and how to communicate effectively. When I tried to communicate with my family, my words would come out quickly and they were not what I wanted to say or how I wanted to say it.” Client C participated in our Hope Equips classes and learned communication skills, anger management and effective parenting. She was excited over how many skills she learned. “Now I know how to talk in a loving way and how to say things kindly. I cannot tell you how much Hope Women’s Center has changed my life! I thank God for bringing me here!”

At Hope Women’s Center, we engage, encourage and equip clients through our programs so they can face any difficult life situation with strength and dignity. This year, over 1,400 women and teen girls have walked through our doors to find hope and healing. Walking alongside her each day is a privilege and we do not take the responsibility lightly. We are thankful for every step she takes and to be a part of her story.