High ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) exposure affects mental, emotional, and physical health, which is why all programs at Hope Women’s Center have a wholistic approach. But high ACE scores affect sexual health, too. Of the children who experience 4 or more ACEs, 27% of them will be sexually active by age 15. Early sexual activity has direct impact on health and presents the risk of unplanned pregnancy, and while unplanned pregnancy has stressors of its own, it also has tremendous complexities. Teen mothers are statistically less likely to finish high school and more likely to parent alone, and both of these factors increase the likelihood of a family living in poverty.

There are more than 9 million single parent families in America that are being cared for and supported by a female. Fortunately, women in all life situations, whether married, single, divorced, widowed, young or older, with children or without, know they can find support, resources, and love at HOPE.

M’s divorce had gotten messy and costly, but having been through a similar situation a decade ago, she remembered how the Lord had taken care of her and her children. He’d been a faithful provider and M knew her unchanging God would again provide for her in her difficult season. She chose to trust over worry and she put her faith in action, doing whatever she was able. She applied for jobs and took training courses on one of the HOPE center computers, often crying while keeping busy. She was in her safe place, surrounded by women who loved her, trusting God to light the path in her darkness – and He did. M was offered a job quickly and she and her family have begun the process of rebuilding their lives.

Hope Women’s Center is helping those who need it most – women like M who are tasked with caring for her family alone. When you partner with HOPE, you come alongside single mothers and vulnerable families and help them thrive and hope for more than the daily hardship of poverty.