Most of our Hope Women’s Center‘s women have walked through significant tragedy and loss. They’ve faced unfathomable situations and heartbreaking abuse. Many of our women have lived one day at a time for months or years. Or a lifetime. That’s why we offer support groups, mentoring, and crisis counseling. We want AZ women and teen girls to find the safety and support they need for healing.


Support for WomenYears of abuse overwhelmed every part of V. Toxic stress wore her body down, mental illness kept her from thinking clearly and sleeping well. She was ambivalent toward life and toward people, and consequently, her friendships had crumbled. V came to Hope for food assistance, and Hope staff were happy to meet her needs, but she had a soul hunger, too. She didn’t say it, but it could be felt. The Center Manager asked V if she would be interested in meeting with the Hope Heals crisis counselor. She said, ‘yes.’


After one hour with the counselor, V’s demeanor changed. She was smiling and her head was lifted, as if she was less afraid of what might lie ahead. “I never thought an hour could change much. I still have to go home to the same difficulty, but for the first time in my life, I feel a little lighter. Now I have a plan and I know the small steps I can take towards that plan. I’ll be back next week. Thanks for seeing what I needed most.”


Support for Women in Crisis:

At Hope, we know every woman wants to be seen, supported, and within that, feel significant. She wants to know she matters and that her life matters. Trauma, abuse, and brokenness can destroy a sense of purpose and worth, and we want every woman at Hope to find healing – not just for the sake of healing, but for the beauty of transformation. We want her life to inspire others to do what seems impossible – get the help, make the change, leave the abuse, face the fear, break the destructive habit, confront the addiction, or release the shame. The process of transformative growth is not quick, but it’s incredible how compassion, grace, and gratitude grow along the way. Supporting our women as they walk the path of recovery is a powerful gift and we’re thankful to give it.