This year at Hope, we’d like to invite everyone who works with, volunteers, or comes to our centers in need to commit themselves to a positive and supported year.

In Christian culture, “re-dedicating your life to Christ” is a popular concept around reinvigorating your practice and striving to follow Him. Spiritual maturity is an ongoing process and we want to join together to renew our love for one another, to our devotion, and to Hope’s mission.

Hope Women’s Center enables vulnerable women and teenage girls across Arizona through the education, mentoring, and material resource program necessary to transform lives. We seek to build trusting relationships through community. This year, we want to intentionally dedicate our actions to fostering a greater support network with care. And we invite you to be a part of it. Here’s how:

Let’s unite this year in love, empathy, kindness, and support and make Hope Women’s Center the best we can through re-dedicating ourselves, our actions, and our lives to making a difference.