At Hope Women’s Center, we meet each client where they are and offer a holistic approach to their healing. We know that giving our clients tools and support equips them to face any life situation. Every program, class and daily step a client takes is like planting a seed of hope and healing in her life. She becomes a stronger, healthier version of herself which blesses her and those around her. Just like a tree that has been nurtured and cared for in the right way can bear good fruit, our Hope clients grow healthy and are able to give to others out of that healing.

D’s Story

Hope Womens Center“D” hadn’t been at the center in quite some time and suddenly showed up again and started taking classes, including a favorite faith-based class. After a few weeks she pulled one of our staff members aside and shared that she is in a much better place than when she was coming several years ago.  She credits Hope in giving her a place to go where she felt safe, loved and empowered to grow.  She wanted to find a way to give back to Hope and wanted to give a donation or help in some way to repay the support she had received. We don’t always get to see the growth in our clients’ lives after they leave Hope so it was so special to see “D” again and also see her coming back to our classes as she juggles both work and school.  


The first half of this year, our centers served over 1,000 women. That is over 1,000 opportunities to plant seeds of hope that impact women, children and their families. Just as “D” grew in her own life and paid it forward, we hope that our centers equip women to do the same.