May is Mental Health month, an important month for places like Hope Women’s Center, where so many of our clients are familiar with mental health issues. Statistically, many people are familiar with mental health issues. 61.5 million adults in the US experience mental illness in a year (1 in 4). In 2018, the CDC reported life expectancy in the US is going down because of what is being termed ‘deaths of despair.’

Being mentally aware of yourself and taking steps toward being mentally healthy is a discussion for the masses, particularly for women. Women often have multiple people depending on them. It’s no easy task to take care of others if we’re not addressing our own needs, whether they be physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional. It takes effort to be a whole person.

C wanted to become whole, and she was willing to make the effort. She’d pack her daughter in the car every week and drive to Hope, knowing her little girl would cry most of the time in the childcare room. But C persevered and continued coming to her weekly mentoring session, knowing it was good for both her and her daughter to be at Hope. C’s efforts paid off! Now her daughter is excited to go to HOPE, and runs into the childcare room to see her friends. God is growing C and her daughter, and we can’t wait to see what else He has in store for them!

Our one on one mentoring program addresses a woman’s spiritual, emotional, and physical needs by providing her a safe place to tell her story. We affirm her pain and hurt. We celebrate her strength and resiliency, and help her discover her dignity and potential. We encourage her in developing healthy boundaries, equip her with techniques for calming the body and recognizing harmful thoughts, and engage her in choosing positive goals focused on whole health.

Are you making an effort in your mental health? Are you caring for your emotional and spiritual needs? We encourage you to do so, and challenge you to take the first step. You’ll be glad you did – we promise.