Hope Womens Center ResourcesIt sounds counter-intuitive, but we love others better when we attend to our own holistic needs. But sometimes, we don’t know what we need!  At Hope, we make it a priority to ask good questions – even of ourselves – because it helps us dig to the deeper stuff. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:



What are the tensions I’m feeling and how will I release them?

Can I reduce unnecessary obligations to minimize my stress? When and how will I do this?



What are the distractions keeping me from positive growth?

What are the important attentions I’m avoiding and keeping me stuck?

Write out the mindset or focus you’d like to maintain and come up with a positive, go-to sentence that will help you redirect scattered thoughts.



Evaluate if your dreams and goals suit your present reality. What adjustments need made or what priorities need realigned?

What habits are pulling me away from the goals I’ve set?

Who can keep me accountable in changing these habits?



Are the good things I’m doing motivated by love or self-promotion?

What is God saying or asking of me? How will I respond?

What would I ask the Lord for or what would I do today if I wasn’t afraid?