Last year, 22,000 Arizona women faced a dramatic upheaval—losing their children through Child Services intervention. While these interventions are sometimes necessary, they are always traumatic. These women are close to our hearts at Hope Women’s Center, and no woman should have to face these trials alone. 


Jessica is a mother who came to us who found herself at risk of this trauma. She had nowhere to turn for help, no one to guide or comfort her. Growing up in a very abusive home, she had suffered so much in her young life, and she struggled terribly to create healthy relationships and habits. Becoming a mother frightened her, and parenthood presented challenges that seemed impossible to overcome.


Through their kindness and dedication to healthy relationships, the women at Hope Women’s Center showed Jessica that she could break her own patterns of life crisis. She committed to changing her life and began participating in our program for families at risk of separation. With 1-on-1 mentorship and classes, Jessica has made huge strides. She’s thriving now, and her relationship with her child has never been better.


Jessica’s story is not unusual at Hope Women’s Center. All six of our centers are helping mothers make radical changes in their lives to protect themselves and their families. Every day, we see women move from despair to hope and even joy! 


Reuniting mothers with their families is one of the most beautiful aspects of our mission at HWC. We are joyful to share that June is National Reunification Month, an opportunity to give a voice to a voiceless group.