Good friends are one of the more beautiful things about life. This is especially true if you are experiencing any type of difficult life situation. Struggles like unemployment, single parenting, family conflict, poverty, and unplanned pregnancy are difficult to navigate but a good friend on your side can make a huge difference. To cultivate stronger relationships this year, here are a few ways to forge loving friendships:

  • Be yourself
    In order to truly connect, you have to be vulnerable enough to be your authentic self.
  • Be friendly
    You must be a friend to have a friend and this means practicing what you preach.
  • Be giving
    Being generous of your time, empathy, and attention can help develop more sincere and deeper relationships.
  • Be understanding
    One of the best things about a good friend is that they are there to listen and support, not necessarily judge. It’s a good practice to reciprocate this generosity and extend kindness and a willing to understand.
  • Be flexible
    All people’s lives ebb and flow and this includes friendships. It is okay to have an elasticity in regards to the degree of closeness you feel with your friends.
  • Make time
    This one is critical. Making time to lend an ear or support a good friend reinforces the bottom line that you care and contact is important. After all, friendship is a two way street.

Forging solid friendships take time, trust, and a willingness to open yourself up to one another. At Hope Women’s Center, we provide a community to women and teens in need of a like-minded avenue of expression and support.