Getting a car, and experiencing the independence it provides, is one of the most empowering changes in a vulnerable woman’s life. The freedom and ability to drive oneself to work, to pick up the kids from school, or even escaping abusive situations, dramatically changes not only the life of a woman in need, but those of her family.

Coming from a neglectful home and tough trials, B never learned to drive. “I had no one to teach me, and no way to earn enough to buy a car,” she told us back in March. She shared that she’d had to rely on others for everything and felt trapped, unable to change her situation.

B found Hope Women’s Center at a critical moment in her life: she knew she needed help but had no idea where to go. Our HWC ladies welcomed B and, after listening to her story, they showed her all the areas in her life where Hope could help. B was most excited about learning to drive and, the next day, she drove a few laps around the block with a volunteer!

Three weeks later, B had passed the written and driving test with flying colors and was hunting for new job opportunities now that she had the ability to drive herself to a job. Before class began one evening, B excitedly shared that she had two job interviews lined up! She smiled and said, “I am so thankful for the staff who believed in me and helped me reach this goal.”

B is now independent for the first time in her life, and she says that her self-esteem and self-confidence have never been higher. Hope Women’s Center cannot promise that a woman’s life will become perfect and painless, but we can promise help, comfort, and the hope of a God who loves her.