We have a beautiful plant at the front door of our Phoenix center. Surprised to hear it was a real plant, one of our clients commented, “They say plants can sense their environment. This plant must be very happy here with all the happiness and ladies surrounding it!” We couldn’t agree more! The environment at our Hope centers is joyful, hopeful, and peaceful. Love is alive within our centers, because the Spirit of Jesus is present, working growth and transformation into the hearts and lives of our women.


Transformation is a unique process, varying from person to person. In the area of Spiritual growth, sometimes it takes years to see transformation in a client (or ourselves, if we’re honest). Other times truth takes root and the ‘weeds’ of unhealthy patterns, mindsets, and relationships are pulled up quickly by a client eager to embrace change for the better.  


For A, transformation was a linear process, marked by chapters of a Bible study class. After reading the study book, ‘I Have To’, A accepted Jesus as Savior. Her heart opened, and as she continued reading, she understood for the first time God’s design for marriage. She told the man with whom she’d been living that they had to get married or he would need to leave. They spoke to their pastor, but when he pulled out his calendar, A made it clear she wasn’t waiting. “What’s wrong with right now?” she asked. “If God is asking us to get married, then we need to respond right now!” After morning service, A and her partner were married, and her baptism was scheduled for the following weekend. 


A’s daughter accepted Jesus soon after, releasing her to confess some things she’d kept hidden far too long. Emotional healing began, then forgiveness of self and others, then deeper family healing. Today, A is still faithfully attending classes and applying what she learns. We’re proud of her and we celebrate with her.


This is what faith looks like when it flourishes. This is what Hope looks like. Salvation transforms individuals and families, it strengthens family roots, and by grace, it grows beautiful things.