When a woman first steps foot inside a Hope Women’s Center, she usually faces uncertainty about her future. Where will I live? Will I ever get a job? Who will love me? 


Here at Hope, we empower women to build foundations for the rest of their lives. Whether that’s through teaching skills, providing mentoring and counseling, or getting women access to resources, we are here for them for the long haul. Regardless of their situations, these women find what they need at Hope. They find a place to belong, and a place to be loved, a place to build a strong foundation.


B’s Story

Hope Women's CenterB came to Hope needing help finding housing resources. She experienced domestic violence and suddenly found herself without the most basic of needs: a safe place to live. She wanted to find a place quickly. B tried calling around to shelters, but no one was able to help her. As she started to despair, she found Hope online and decided to stop in. She was greeted with a warm smiling face and a bottle of water: “How can we help?


Our trained mentor was able to spend most of the morning with her, first praying and then offering her resources, and sitting with her making calls. After a long morning, even though she still didn’t have a specific place in order, she left with lifted spirits, and some emergency supplies, too.  


The next day B came back to spend some time on the computer filling out her housing application. She also shared the amazing news that she had gotten a call back and had gotten into a long-term shelter for victims of domestic violence! Praise God! She was so excited to share the news with us because “it wouldn’t have happened if the ladies here hadn’t been so patient and loving towards me.”


Our hope for these women does not stop when they leave our center. We seek to set them up for a future full of blessing and fulfillment. It’s these stories that remind me that we are needed in this community and God is using us as a place of safety, where women feel loved, supported and SEEN.