We at Hope Women's Center are so happy to to share some incredible news with you! In this past year your generosity has helped us serve over 1,500 women and 300 children across our 4 currently open locations - our largest number of women & children served to date!


But there is still a great need and so much more to be done. With so little time left in 2018, it's critical we have you with us to start 2019 strong.


Will you make a year-end gift today to slip a loving arm around another woman and child in crisis?


Any gift you give to Hope Women's Center up to $400 if you file singly, $800 if you are married, qualifies for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit! It's a dollar-for-dollar credit against what you owe in state taxes after your deductions.


What you give makes a difference!


You can make your year-end donation here: https://hopewomenscenter.org/give-now/


Use QCO code 20256 when submitting your tax credit.


Please let us hear from you quickly. You'll be giving a beautiful gift to women in need, right here in our area. Thank you in advance. And we pray your own New Year's will be blessed!