Hope Women’s Center seeks to engage, encourage, and equip women and adolescent girls with physical, emotional, and spiritual support. Here are a few of Hope’s recent client stories:

Client L
Client L visited a Hope location. She was fleeing a domestic violence situation and arrived carrying all of her belongings. At Hope, we called all of the local shelters to find her a safe bed for the evening. We were able to place her for that day and she left with a smile, knowing she had a group of supportive people helping her during this difficult time. She was not alone.


Client J

Client J came to us with a chip on her shoulder. She was searching for food and a shower and on arrival was standoffish and unfriendly. At Hope, we gave her a shower and plenty of food in addition to showing her understanding, kindness, and love. With this, her whole demeanor changed and she opened up. She expressed interest in attending a few of our classes and when she left, she granted us a smile in appreciation.

Client M

Client M arrived in emotional turmoil. Her husband recently left her and she was facing financial and emotional hardships. After visiting our center for the last few years, and working one on one with one of our mentors, Client M has been rebuilding her life, reading scripture and praying. At Hope, Client M leaned how to stand up for herself and be part of a community.


These are just a small sampling of the women that have come to Hope in search of a safe haven and have found so much more. Learn more about Hope Women’s Center and how you can help support the organization.