I just wanted to share with you a quick story of God's grace and love.


I’ll call her Jana. She got hooked on drugs early, but a kind man came into her life and saved her. They fell in love; she got clean. They married. Life was so good.


At least for a while. But a year ago, tragedy struck. Jana’s husband died. She was lost. She had no family, no one else in her life. She didn’t know what to do, or where to turn.


But then, by God’s grace — just in time — someone told her about Hope Women’s Center. And thanks to generous people like you, we were here for her!


Will you consider a year-end gift to help other women like Jana - right when she needs it most?!

Your gift doesn't have to cost you a dime!

Any gift you give to Hope Women's Center up to $400 if you file singly, $800 if you are married, qualifies for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit! It's a dollar-for-dollar credit against what you owe in state taxes after your deductions.


What you give, makes a difference!

You can make you year-end donation here: https://hopewomenscenter.org/give-now/


Use code 20256 when submitting your tax credit.

So many women need the hope that Hope Women's Center provides. Thank you for making more stories like Jana's possible, through your Christmas gift of compassion today!


Offering help and hope,


Tammy Abernethy

Executive Director/CEO