From mid-March to mid-May, Hope provided: 7,075 meals and 14,836 essential items,

and we provided 415 women with material assistance, crisis referrals, and phone mentoring!


After two months of COVID closures, our centers are once again open for classes and in-person mentoring! It’s a blessing to have our women back. Their smiles are covered by masks, but we can see their smiles in their eyes. Hope is full, and as we continue to adapt and look ahead, we are hopeful. As our women learn in our centers, we are learning how to serve them in this season – and we are growing together.


The Safe People class teaches our women “how to find relationships that are good for them and how to avoid those that aren’t” (quote taken from book’s subtitle). Because many of our clients have a history of abuse, this class is remarkably insightful. During class this week, V, a brand new client, had a personal revelation: “Wow, I’m not a safe person.” The teacher paused to thank V and assure her that acknowledging shortcomings and areas for personal growth is a courageous first step toward change. The next step is choosing what to do about it.


V realized she wasn’t a safe person and she was willing to admit it. That’s a big deal. But V’s ability to be vulnerable as a brand new client shows she realized something else – she was with safe people. That’s a big deal, too. 


We often refer to Hope as a safe place. So do our clients. The only way to be a safe place is to be a place full of safe people who teach the qualities of safe people by showing those qualities in every interaction. So for every meal, essential item, class, and service we provide women at Hope, reflections of grace, gentleness, patience, and kindness are being offered, too. That’s where hope comes alive. That’s when change becomes possible.