Did you know you can “take credit” for helping change the lives of vulnerable women and teen girls in Arizona?
It's true! Thanks to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, every gift you give to help domestic violence victims, provide parenting classes to moms, to feed struggling families and so much more - can be claimed as a dollar-for-dollar tax credit.
It's like giving hope for FREE!
hope you’ll give generously. Any gift you give to Hope Women's Center up to $400 if you file singly, $800 if you are married comes back to you as a credit against what you owe in state taxes after your deductions.
That's a Win-Win!
Just give any donation up to the maximum allowed, and keep a written receipt of your gift for your tax records; you don’t have to itemize.
(Use code 20256 when submitting your tax credit.)
The Impact AZ organization has selected us as just one of 20 nonprofit organizations in the state of Arizona eligible for a grant up to $50,000! Organizations who receive the greatest number of tax credit gifts will win the grant.
That means when you give your tax credit gift to Hope Women's Center, the value of your gift could be doubled!
Please help us take advantage of this amazing opportunity by making a tax credit gift today. It won't end up costing you a dime - but it will change a life.
Offering help and hope,
Tammy Abernethy
Executive Director/CEO