Our clients come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common: memories of past trauma. In the medical community, and at HOPE, we call these ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences). We talk about ACEs often at HOPE, because ACEs are a simple way to understand childhood trauma and the brokenness of our clients’ stories, as well as why cycles of pain, obstacles, and disadvantage continued throughout adulthood.

Unhealed trauma is painful and research provides staggering proof: For every child who experiences 5 or more ACEs, 100% of them will be prescribed antidepressants by age 50. Mental health awareness, emotional pain, and the need for emotional healing are real issues, and safe places like HOPE are life giving to vulnerable communities – and for some of our clients, lifesaving.

E says HOPE is the reason she’s still alive. During a long visit with out of state family, E began feeling the familiar signs of depression. “All I could think about was getting back to HOPE, so I returned home, but the depression had worsened. I was considering suicide and couldn’t find the words to tell anyone, so I just kept coming back to HOPE each day, and eventually, the depression left me. It was like a black cloud lifted.” E says she continues meeting with her mentor and looks forward to her mentoring sessions. “I feel alive again!”

Our mentoring program has tremendous impact on a client’s mental and emotional well-being. Last month, our 5 HOPE centers provided 280 hours in mentoring sessions! Each session contributes to the healing process, and your partnership makes this possible. We’re grateful for you! The restoration work of Jesus continues years after the cross and even in crisis and adversity, women are finding healing, rest, and peace in our centers.