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We engage, encourage, and equip women and teen girls by providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support.


About Hope Women's Center

Helping Women Realize Their Potential

We offer a holistic approach to the hurts of life by addressing each facet of a woman and providing her with tools and resources to discover her true value and worth.

Our programs are based on incentive so that women earn “points" for attending our education classes (faith based and life skills), or meeting 1-on-1 with a mentor or participating in a support group.

Partnerships with other area service organizations allow Hope Women’s Center to help each woman access the necessary resources in order to offer hope and healing.

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Bringing Healing and Wholeness to Broken Lives

Our services challenge women to adopt a worldview that promotes healthy relationships.


Women’s Resource Room


Education Classes


Material Assistance


One-on-One Mentoring & Support Groups


Community Resources & Referrals


Chemical Dependency Recovery Support


Pregnancy Testing & Counseling