At Hope Women’s Center, our main goal is to help women adopt the idea that they deserve to be whole. This often means working through trauma to bring about healing and helping women discover their true value and worth. With over 33 years in the charity community and experience altering over 1,000 lives for the better, we’ve come to understand that there are four critical types of overall health and wellness. Each one is unique and requires it’s own special brand of nourishment. Here’s a little bit about each category:

Probably the easiest to define, physical health includes all health-related components of a lifestyle including exercise, nutritious, physical state of body (muscular strength, flexibility, body composition), and good habits.

This category, social health, can be signified by how a person gets along with other people around them and the level of support they give or receive. Being a part of an ongoing community that includes positive interactions and aid in regards to decision-making is a big part of being socially healthy.

Mental health can be defined by a state of well-being in which you can cope with normal stresses of life. Within a healthy mental state, you productively function and are able to contribute to your larger community.


Often the easiest to neglect, spiritual health is an attention to religious faith, beliefs, morals, values, or principles that allow you to connect with meaning or purpose in your life. In fact, being in touch with spiritual health can help you feel a part of something larger, and can play a significant role in social and cultural patterns.